Numerous Manufacturers, High-Quality Component Data

The new EPLAN Data Portal is available now exclusively in the EPLAN Cloud. The latest highlights, with benefits for users and manufacturers alike, are the improved data quality and depth of said data, plus a brand-new user interface with smart search functionality.

This allows all users to freely download over 1.7 million parts for over 480 suppliers via the online EPLAN Cloud integrated portal. The downloaded data includes schematic drawings with variants, dimensions and graphics (2D & 3D) for the panel layout and other crucial technical data.

The New EPLAN Data Portal:

A Win-Win for Manufacturers and Users

Use EPLAN Data Portal as a valuable sales multiplier by making your device and component data easily accessible for users – and thus potential customers. What’s more, you enable users to integrate them directly into their engineering projects and to create bills of materials for procurement.

Smart search function:

The new Data Portal lets its users quickly and easily find the component data they need. The smart search function also provides users with useful suggestions based on their search behaviour, meaning they will quickly become aware of your products.

Prominently positioned with EPLAN

As part of the pool of manufacturers in Data Portal, you’re effectively positioning yourself with EPLAN users. Furthermore, we’re also pleased to offer you the possibility of using our popular media channels as a multiplier for your company. Just contact us, we’re happy to support you!