Automating the design process

  • In this highly competitive labour market and with engineering costs constantly on the rise, it’s only prudent to use our engineering resources efficiently and embrace technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI). 
  • Ecodesign in collaboration with EPLAN’s ‘Efficient Engineering’ software, has developed several innovative and efficient workflow solutions to expedite the design process, whilst still maintaining our professional quality, flexibility and a high degree of accuracy.
  • The solutions are tailored to our client requirements and work seamlessly with all EPLAN software packages.
  • Our efficient solutions range from simple Applications (Apps) to fully automated design solutions, such as ‘auto-generating’ schematic drawings and reports from client data, which is usually in Excel.
  • Our ESG App allows clients to interface directly from EPLAN into an Excel sheet to retrieve project data and subsequently auto-generate schematic drawings, saving them 100s of hours.
  • We pride ourselves in being the forerunners in this field in Australasia.

Key Benefits of our automated workflow solutions:

  • Drastically reduced engineering costs due to AI – savings up to 70%.
  • Drastically reduced project turnaround times.
  • Error-free schematic drawings and reports.
  • Reusable designs for future projects. 
  • Flexible, sustainable and adaptable for any industry.

Automated Design Solutions Completed

  • Ecodesign has created several solutions to help OEM’s and System Integrator clients, expedite their workflow and automate their design processes for ultimate efficiency. 
  • Whatever your requirements may be or desired outcomes, we can consult with you to create the best solution for your business needs.