EPLAN Preplanning

Technical Preplanning Goes Digital

EPLAN Preplanning enables you to save engineering data early in the preplanning process. This data can include actuators and sensors for a plant system, machine or building. You can import data from external tabular sources and also enter plant system or machine overviews and graphical process and instrumentation diagrams. This allows you to quickly generate initial data sheets or specifications for materials procurement. You can also access the data collected in EPLAN Preplanning to use in downstream planning phases in engineering.

Added Value & Features

Integrated Digital Preplanning

With EPLAN Preplanning, you can carry out initial planning tasks for process automation or automation technology in the engineering process on EPLAN Platform. Collect important data such as the sensors and actuators for a plant system, machine or building.

Diagrams: Preplanning of Plant System Overviews

Use EPLAN Preplanning to create plant system overviews (P&I diagrams) with PCT loop acquisition and management.

Structured Data Collection
Data Imports
Information for Materials Procurement
Graphical Entry
Basic Preplanning Data
Building Automation
EPLAN Application Programming Interface (API)