Ecodesign has completed over 900 Projects in just the last 12 years. Our projects can range from a few schematic drawings to over 6,000 schematic drawings – from a few motor starters to over 4,000 motor starters, across a wide variety of industries.

OEMs for Plant and Machinery – over 400 large projects completed.

  • Airport baggage handling systems
  • Cargo/Parcel/Material handling systems
  • Fruit sorting systems
  • Roll formers
  • Wrapping and shrinking machines
  • Whiteware manufacturing lines
  • Conveyor system with robotic interfaces
  • Packaging machines
  • Crushers
  • Spiral Freezers and many more…

Automated Workflow Solutions for OEMs

  • Baggage handling systems
  • Parcel handling systems
  • Fruit sorting systems
  • Dairy plant solutions
  • Whiteware manufacturing lines
  • Packaging and conveyor systems
  • Switchboard manufacturing and more..
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System integrators (SI’s): – over 300 projects completed

  • We’ve completed a wide variety of projects, ranging in size, industry, and complexity

Dairy Industry – over 50 large projects completed

  • Several new Dryers
  • Wet processing plants
  • Cheese and Whey plants
  • Cream cheese plants
  • Homogenizer replacements
  • Bag tripping systems and many more…

Water and WasteWater

  • Effluent reuse system upgrade
  • Nitrogen reduction plant
  • Water treatment plants
  • DeMin upgrades
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Screen upgrades and many more…

Heavy Industry

  • Material handling for large quarry’s
  • Port safety upgrade
  • Paper machine PLC upgrade
  • Z-Stifter and many more…